Put your best foot forward

The prime motto behind every Symphony shoes creation is ‘trend and comfort’. Steppies Shoes is all about quality, ease, and style.

Symphony, our brand’s signature style, combines all the elements that peep toe shoes stand for—functionality, frolic, and fashion. Thinking what makes these peep toe shoes so special? Here’s what you need to know-

What makes the Symphony shoes different?


The peep toes allow for extra creative liberty when it comes to design. Our designers constantly worked towards creating styles that are on trend. Experimenting with gladiator style and embellishments like studs and eyelet buckle strap lends the Symphony shoes its exceptional quality. Our Symphony comes in 3 great colours including wine, black, and dark blue.


Although peep toes started out in 1940s primarily as casual shoes, they are still charming and going to last for many, many years. They have now been restyled and made protean to be worn with day and evening wear. 


Our Symphony shoes are made with leather. It has a fantastic texture and feel; easy on the eyes and skin. Moreover, the material literally ups your style game. 

Go with All Styles

Apparently, you can never have too many shoes! But some shoes go with lots of apparels. Our customers are choosing to break in our Symphony shoes every other day.


This type of footwear allows the exposure of the toes and resistance to sweating and swelling, as well as makes it cheery and flirty. Being partially close, it earns a sweet spot for spring and fall season.

Whether you’re wearing capri pants, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, or swing dress, next time while heading out team them up with Symphony Peep toe heels to have a classy look. Actually, no matter you’re 15 or 30, they are a must have in your wardrobe. Today, no stylish woman has a collection of footwear without a couple of peep toe shoes in it. Even the most unattractive foot looks great in a pair of Symphony Peep toes.